Chronically Strong

Because you are strong…

Chronically Strong incorporates many different facets of life. My name is Shawntel Bethea and I was diagnosed with my chronic condition at 17 years old. I created Chronically Strong as a place to share stories as it relates to Lifestyle, Health and Wellness as well as Mental Health and Chronic Conditions. I chose to include all of these topics because these are all things I am passionate about and although they may seem widespread, they can actually be pretty intertwined. Without adequate health, you cannot have a decent lifestyle or state of mind.  – And ultimately, once you make it your goal to achieve a proper balance of each, you will become strong. If you would like health, wellness and just flat out inspiration to directly to your inbox, click here to join our mailing list. If you would like to become a member of a special group full of strong individuals like yourself, click here to join the private Chronically Strong Facebook group.


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