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Christmas Gifts For Him and/or Her

This is absolutely my favorite time of year! I love the change of the weather and smell in the air around this time of the year. With the holidays just around the corner, you may be wondering what you should get for your loved ones? I mean “Black Friday” is less than a week away right?

This list is a variety of gift ideas for him & her, be it your significant other OR your mom. I’m sure something on this list is bound to meet their needs.


If you know a blogger, vlogger or any kind of entrepreneur in general, I’m certain they would appreciate this. I am actually dying for one myself.

I literally love this and haven’t even gotten it yet. It has all sorts of cool features and I love the hardcore outer design. I’m using something like this now but it’s only a notebook.

You can find a purchase this item by clicking here.

You can also purchase this item in different colors.

1. iPad

When it comes to giving gifts I’d rather give something someone needs, or things someone can actually find resourceful. Which is why number one on this list is iPads. iPads are lightweight and extremely efficient for getting work done on the go. Homework, projects, work for the job.. An iPad makes certain responsibilities just a little bit easier.

2. Make Up Set

One thing a lot of men don’t realize is how expensive makeup really is. While not every women will appreciate this, it is a great gesture. If they do use makeup it shows you’ve actually been paying attention to the effort they put into their appearance and even that you appreciate it. My personal favorite is MAC for foundation (powder and liquid), for other things like eyeliner, mascara, ect, you can get those items much cheaper at your local drug store. If you’re not sure what color(s) your girl needs just snoop around a little. Check the bathroom, if you want, take a pic of the bottle and any associate can help you find the product you need. If you’re hesitant just get the basics like eyeliner, mascara, maybe even blush and buy a MAC gift card for the rest.

3. 2K17

If you have a friend or significant other who is anything like mine, then he’s probably been talking about this since 2k16 came out. I’m not sure where or if I’m going to get this, but it is an idea.

4. Dress Shoes

I don’t know what it is about men but I really feel they go through shoes much faster than women for some reason. I mean sure, we love shoes, some of us collect them… HOWEVER, ours don’t get damaged anywhere near as fast as a man’s. #GeneralObservation #DontHateMe

5. Any Kind of Cooking Supplies

I personally love cooking but seasonings and spices can add up fast. If you know someone who loves to cook try a spice rack or a new set of pots and pans. If you’re like me, you always have those sorts of things in the back of your mind while cooking, but it’s much easier said that bought.

6. Bedding

I love bedding but it is so expensive now. Sales will be going up soon, I love to shop for bedding at Sears and Kohl’s personally. So if you know someone who’s going off to college, or maybe they love home decor or new set every now and again, this is certainly something to look into.

7. Razors

Once again, if your man is anything like mine, he will either constantly misplace or abuse his razor. He still has yet to find one he loved so I would look around.

8. Flat Iron Brush

I’m not sure exactly what these are called, it seems every site calls them something different but I am dying for one! These can be found at TJ Max and I’m sure Ross. If you have a curly girl who wants to straighten her hair but may have a difficult time or maybe not enough time, check these bad boys out! They have great reviews on YouTube!

9. Unique Jewelry

Switch it up a little this year. Women are used to getting earrings and bracelets, which are awesome. But maybe look into getting a new style of jewelry. We all like to mix it up a little.

10. Money

Of course you can go old school and still give money. This is good for friends you know are still working on their student loans or maybe just having a hard time right now. However, you want to be careful with giving money. Although it’s always great to get extra cash, it can come off as you not spending much time or effort into getting a heartfelt gift.

– I hope these little tips helped. These are things I would enjoy myself so hopefully your friends/ family will too! Stay safe shopping and remember, to all the Black Friday shoppers: it’s not that serious.