Your Presence is Present Enough: 5 Ways to be Present & in the Moment

Your Presence is Present Enough: 5 Ways to be Present & in the Moment

Happy holidays everyone! I want you to know, I truly love and appreciate each one of you and all of the support you’ve shown me in 2018! I wish each of you the very best and I can’t wait to start our journey through 2019 together! 5 WAYS TO START LIVING IN THE MOMENT TODAY

[ctt template=”4″ link=”Db2YZ” via=”no” ]”Instead of dwelling on capturing memories, going forward I will focus on creating them.”[/ctt]

This holiday season was a bit different for me. Normally I spend a good bit of time taking pictures and recording videos. – Scrolling through Facebook and liking random trees on Instagram. – Don’t get me wrong, I checked out social media. I took a few pictures, but instead of dwelling on capturing memories, this year I focused on creating them.

I love technology. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with capturing memories. Obviously. – I mean my entire life is in a blog! – The problem comes when we prioritize technology and memory-capturing, over living in the current moment.  This holiday season it’s more important than ever to remember, your presence is the best present you can possibly give to your loved ones.

With social media and the online space being so prominent in today’s culture, it’s easy to get lost in it all. Technology is a huge part of our lives now. – But so are our loved ones. There are better ways to show your affection for someone than rushing to post a status or dedicate a photo on Facebook.

How To live in the moment

5 Ways to Start Living in the Moment Today

  1. Set the Intention: The first way to break any habit and start a new lifestyle is actually admitting your flaws. Acknowledge those unhealthy habits. Acknowledge what you’re doing wrong so you can better understand the steps you need to take in making them right. Now set the intention. Go into every experience with an open mind, expecting to make the very best of every second by simply living in it with no distractions.
  2. Embrace Your Current Reality: Embrace the good and bad circumstances you face. Remember every experience gives you the opportunity to learn something new, be open to learning from the bad and enjoying the good. – Acknowledging how the good can be molded to great next time!
  3. Accept It: Social Media is False Advertisement: Understand one thing, social media is fake. It’s a fake looking glass into someone else’s life with a custom view they create, and alter to look the way they desire you to see it. – Understanding and accepting this will relieve some of that pressure we feel to: post this or write that. There are many benefits to social media, but don’t feel the need to constantly contribute to the fake world that is Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Look for the Difference: While living in these experiences, don’t forget to ask yourself, “how is this different?” – “What has changed?” – In order to fully appreciate your new lifestyle, you must compare it to where you’ve come from. Think about it, what is the difference? How has putting down the phone or laptop impacted your relationships with your loved ones? Take time to appreciate those improvements.
  5. Just Disconnect: Don’t give yourself the option to fail. Leave your phone in the car. Leave your laptop at home. Avoid technology for a day. The world was still fully operational pre-iPhone days!


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