7 Easy Ways to Incorporate More Plants into Your Meals

7 Easy Ways to Incorporate More Plants into Your Meals

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Incorporate More Plants into Your Meals

The healthiest, most sustainable lifestyle today means having a balanced diet with an emphasis on eating more plants. Fortunately, there are many easy options we can choose from in order to better our health and make us feel good. Sara Siskind, Certified Nutritional Health Counselor, has come up with 7 easy ways to incorporate more plants into your meals without having to sacrifice your favorite foods. See below for her simple tips.

7 Easy Ways to Incorporate More Plants into Your Meals Guest Post by Certified Nutritional Health Counselor, Sara Siskind

Incorporate More Plants into Your Meals

  1. When you are making a sandwich, swap out the bread and replace it with lettuce or a collard green wrap. If you are ordering sushi, you can request it to be wrapped in a cucumber instead of rice (these are called “naruto rolls” in Japanese restaurants). Easy swaps can add more nutrients into your diet while also saving you calories throughout your day.


  1. Think out of the box when it comes to how you prepare your vegetables, and get out of the habit of eating the same foods over and over again. Mix it up! Puree carrots, cauliflower, spinach or even squash into your favorite meals. Some ideas include: soups, sauces, lasagna or even meatballs. You won’t even taste the difference but you will be incorporating a lot of vegetables into your meals.


  1. Breakfast is a meal where we often forget to add vegetables, but it’s easy to turn regular eggs into a fancy vegetable omelet. Try spreading avocado on your toast instead of butter for more fiber and less calories. You can even add tomato and onion on top for an extra veggie boost. Keep chopped up vegetables in your refrigerator at all times so it’s easy to toss them into any snacks or meals.


  1. Fruit smoothies are terrific ways to easily sneak in greens. Blend in a handful of spinach or kale with zero compromise to how good your smoothies taste. If you first wash, dry, chop, and freeze your greens, you will not only reduce spoilage and waste, but also make it easier to whip up a cold refreshing smoothie.


  1. Take your favorite mixed green salad and chop up nuts, like Setton Farms Pistachios or their Pistachio Chewy Bites, for added crunch and protein. Greens don’t have to be eaten by themselves. The same goes for quinoa or rice. You can also sprinkle pistachios over yogurt or oatmeal for extra protein and heart healthy fat. The possibilities are endless with nuts—think smoothies, trail mixes, granola and cheese. If you are looking to cut back on calories, pistachios are the way to go! They have 49 nuts per servings and are also the lowest calorie nut.


  1. Up your nutrients by switching your wheat pasta to vegetable pasta.  Spiralized zucchini, butternut squash, and even sweet potato comes out amazing! You’ll even find them served in many restaurants as a gluten-free alternative to pasta. Top it with your favorite tomato sauce and a little cheese for a comfort food fix without the guilt.


  1. Craving salty pretzels and fried potato chips? Luckily, you can easily make your own. Try baking chopped kale, thinly sliced sweet potatoes or beets with a touch of olive oil and sea salt.  Many markets are even carrying them pre-made for easy snacking on the go.

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Certified Nutritional Health Counselor, Sara Siskind

Certified Nutritional Health Counselor, Sara Siskind is the founder of Hands On Healthy, cooking classes for adults, families and teens based in New York. Sara has dedicated her career to educating clients on how food and lifestyle choices affect health, and how to make the right choices to look and feel your best each day. Sara translates the complexity of integrated nutrition into usable tools with easy-to-cook recipes that appeal to the entire family. Sara counsels privately to offer highly customized health and nutrition plans for her clients. She also works with parents on shopping and cooking smarter to create healthier homes. In addition, she teaches beginner to gourmet cooking classes with her signature “toss it in” approach. In addition, Sara regularly works with corporations and non-profit organizations to lead workshops and lectures on healthy eating.

Website: www.sarasiskind.com


  • Posted August 9, 2017 12:49 pm 0Likes
    by Sophia

    I have been working on incorporating more veggies in my dishes! Thanks for this :0

  • Posted August 9, 2017 12:55 pm 0Likes
    by Christie

    This is great and I love your IG name!~ TY!

  • Posted August 9, 2017 2:24 pm 0Likes
    by Lianne

    Love this! Though I’m vegan and believe animal products are not good for you at all, I always love to read about things like this! I up my veggie intake by putting beans in sauces and greens in smoothies (you’re right about the zero compromise on taste!). Eating more veggies and fruit and cutting all animal products is what helped me get better from pretty severe chronic illness. I would recommend it to anyone! 🙂 Great post, keep it up 🙂

    • Posted August 11, 2017 12:53 pm 0Likes
      by shawnbethea

      Thanks for reading! Yes I love smoothies and have been working towards better health so I’m ready to go green!

  • Posted August 9, 2017 6:59 pm 0Likes
    by Sara

    These are all wonderful suggestions! Thanks for sharing. It’s so important to eat your veggies, and there are so many easy ways to make that happen. These suggestions can all really make a difference .

  • Posted August 9, 2017 9:14 pm 0Likes
    by Chelsea

    I was JUST thinking about needing to add more veggies to my diet. This is awesome! And spaghetti squash makes an awesome spaghetti noodle replacement as well .

    • Posted August 11, 2017 12:54 pm 0Likes
      by shawnbethea

      Yes! I’m ready to try it out myself! Let me know how it goes for you.

  • Posted August 9, 2017 9:28 pm 0Likes
    by Liz | Perfectly Practical Prattle

    Wonderful article! My husband and I have switched to more of a vegan / vegetarian diet and I could always use more information. Thanks for the article!

  • Posted August 9, 2017 10:25 pm 0Likes
    by Lauren

    These are really great suggestions and ideas for incorporating more vegetables into your diet! I definitely need to eat more vegetables, so I appreciate this post!

  • Posted August 10, 2017 10:20 am 0Likes
    by Mindy

    Awesome ideas for adding more plants into meals. I especially like the breakfast tip. That is definitely a meal that doesn’t get the veggies and I struggle with!

  • Posted August 10, 2017 10:21 am 0Likes
    by Mia

    Thanks for putting together these great tips! Vegetable pasta is the best! I love chickpea pasta, as well as eggplant and zucchini. Green juice is another favorite of mine 🙂

  • Posted August 10, 2017 10:56 am 0Likes
    by Emma Cavanagh

    You’re right about breakfast and not incorporating veggies, need to try and do more of that! Great post

  • Posted August 10, 2017 1:36 pm 0Likes
    by Whitney

    I LOVE this!! I’m all about those plants and all of the good things they bring with them!

  • Posted August 10, 2017 3:55 pm 0Likes
    by Helene

    Awesome tips! Will definitely be trying a lot of these:) Thanks for sharing!

  • Posted August 10, 2017 4:36 pm 0Likes
    by Saint Facetious

    Lots of great little gems here. I especially love the pureeing carrots into soups. Carrots make for such a great addition to flavor, especially paired with ginger.

  • Posted August 10, 2017 6:10 pm 0Likes
    by jacqueline

    What great ideas (:

  • Posted August 10, 2017 11:10 pm 0Likes
    by Erin

    Really great ideas! I love veggies, but I could definitely use some of these ideas to get more veggies in my system! Thanks

  • Posted August 11, 2017 12:07 am 0Likes
    by Marissa

    Great tips! I never thought of trading in the avocado for butter.. but duh! Thats genius! Love it!

  • Posted August 11, 2017 1:20 am 0Likes
    by Dr. K. Lee Banks

    Thanks for these ideas! I do most of them, and right now I’m alternating between red and green smoothies. I make a 48 oz. pitcher of smoothie mix every morning and drink some throughout the day at each meal.

  • Posted August 11, 2017 4:11 am 0Likes
    by Megan Beaver

    I think the tip about putting avocado on your toast is genius. You are right about breakfast people to skip their fruits and veggies during breakfast.

  • Posted August 11, 2017 12:28 pm 0Likes
    by Tara

    i love these suggestions! now i’m starving 🙂

  • Posted August 13, 2017 6:48 am 0Likes
    by Caz

    I really do need to try smoothies, sounds like you can pack in pretty much anything you want that way. Great tips! 🙂

  • Posted August 13, 2017 3:54 pm 0Likes
    by D

    Been trying to do this lately – thanks for the post

  • Posted August 14, 2017 3:16 pm 0Likes
    by Cheryl

    I love the smoothie tip and incorporate that into my husband’s smoothies daily as he eats no veggies!

  • Posted August 14, 2017 3:54 pm 0Likes
    by Mary Blackburn

    Love these ideas. I’ve incorporated most of them into my lifestyle already. I’ve just recently started putting chopped spinach in my scrambled eggs, and use my spiralizer for yummy zucchini noodles.

  • Posted August 15, 2017 8:18 am 0Likes
    by Shellie Bolyard

    Smoothies are my favorite way to incorporate more plants and healthy foods in my diet and especially for my kids. I throw everything but the kitchen sink in our smoothies 🙂 I also use my food processor to chop veggies up really small and add them to ground beef, sauces, casseroles, etc. It is my secret weapon.

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