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First I would like to apologize as this article contains strong opinions against a very popular trend right now. Some may find this content offensive, if you do feel free to close this window now. This content was not created to “bash” a product or theory; however, it was created to explain why you may want to do your research before using it. 

A Healthy Way To Lose Weight and Shed Pounds Fast

A Not So Healthy Trend

I am almost done with my Health Coaching Certification, not that I will be teaching any time soon, but I am already putting what I’ve learned to good use. I am trying a more holistic approach to better my health. I am also learning how to do my own research on products and services that claim to improve life or health. I still struggle and I still slip up a bit but I am trying to lose weight with a healthy approach. Last Friday I went to Urgent Care, weighing 140 when I stepped on the scale, the following Tuesday I weighed 138. Not the most impressive but its improvement; healthy progress in a short amount of time.

Are you on a weight loss journey? Can’t find the product right for you? I’ll tell you why, the reason is simple: there is no magical product that will help you lose 40 lbs in a week. – If a product claims to do so, it’s certainly not a healthy choice. Often times we get so consumed in the thought of looking slimmer, we consider doing just about anything to our bodies to attain that goal weight.

Years ago I asked my surgeon about something a few of my coworkers were doing at the time. They were losing weight so fast just by drinking a simple mix of lemon, onions and a few herbs and spices! – I have Ulcerative Colitis, so I never try a diet without consulting my physician first. Honestly, even if you don’t have any kind of illness, I highly suggest consulting a medical professional before trying any products or diets (too). Moving on, I talked to my surgeon and explained the diet and how much weight my coworkers were losing. My surgeon explained the flaws of the diet and how anyone losing weight from it were only dropping water weight, which in my case, because I not only had Ulcerative Colitis, but also had an Ostomy at the time, would be very dangerous. Dehydrating your body to lose a few pounds is not a good or safe way to lose weight and the weight loss is only temporary and your body needs water to survive.

Since that time, quite a few “weight loss trends” have come up, but one seems to be unavoidable: Wraps. People are claiming that wraps can help you lose this massive amount of weight. Before I go into what MDs and evidence say, I want to teach you a little trick. When I asked my surgeon about the “lemon drink” he advised, next time I come across something like that, ask myself (two questions): Does this sound right? Do this sound healthy?

So I’m challenging you to do the same. Ask yourself two questions the next time you approach these kinds of products, drinks or diets claiming you will lose a great deal of weight in a short period of time: Does it sound right? Does it sound healthy? – I’m not telling you to turn it down, but if either answer is no, please do your own research and consult with your physician before trying it.

I decided to dig a little deeper into the world of wraps and do my own research. I found statements from physicians saying “there’s no evidence” the wraps do every/ anything these vendors are claiming, unhealthy, ect. In an article published by WebMD  , a credible source for health news and information, Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi is quoted stating, “Any loss of inches is going to be temporary; wraps cannot take the place of a healthy diet and exercise.” Tanzi continues to say, “They can temporarily make you feel a little thinner, and when you look at the scale the pounds can go down a pound or two. But that’s water weight loss. It’s a temporary phenomenon.” – So why waste time and money investing in something that is not only unhealthy, but temporary?

I spoke with Dr. Felicia Robertson, MD, a board certified family practice physician of Wisconsin. I asked Dr. Robertson what she felt about this trend and she confirmed, “Any weight loss is purely temporary.” Dr. Robertson advises that as long as individuals are aware of, and okay with their “temporary results,” – it can be fine; however, she “would not recommend it as a part of weight loss” and (instead) “would encourage healthy lifestyle choices through ChooseMyPlate.gov.”

A Healthy Way To Lose Weight

Traffic Light Eating

The other day, I had a very interesting conversation with my sister. She told me everything she’d given up during her diets in the past as an attempt to lose weight. I explained to my sister a few different things I’d been learning in class, but I stressed one topic in particular: Restriction. – Don’t get me wrong, if you are allergic or unable to tolerate a certain food(s), or for medical reasons are unable to eat certain things, by all means, please disregard. – This is for people who voluntarily cut out their favorite sweets and treats to lose weight, my message (to you) is: You don’t have to. Telling yourself you can’t have something can be the fastest way to fail on a diet. Instead, let’s try this: moderation.

This method is not only a simple, but reasonable way to lose weight. It’s called: Traffic Light Eating. I will discuss Traffic Light Eating in more detail when I finish my course but it’s honestly so simple a child can do it!

Green: Go Foods – Eat as much of these as you would like. They are very hard to overeat and you can incorporate them into every meal. An example of delicious Go Foods would be: – Fruits and Vegetables, Beans, Lean meat and Salmon, ect.

Yellow: Slow Foods – Don’t eat these with every meal, and certainly not everyday. Although delicious, too much of the Yellow foods too often can be unhealthy. An idea of some yellow foods would be: Reduced fat products like dairy, cakes and muffins (reduced fat version), white bread, taco shells, ect.

Red: WHOA Foods – Whoa! Is there a better option? Some refer to these as special occasion foods. These foods are most likely to cause health problems. You don’t want to eat them with every meal or even everyday. Although they are extremely yummy, we may want to find a substitute. Examples of these foods would be: deep fried foods, savory pastry products, processed meat, chocolate and sugary drinks, ect. Of course Traffic Light Eating would be in addition to other lifestyle changes, but it’s certainly in a step in the right direction.

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