Life With Atopic Dermatitis

Adulting with Eczema

My name is Shawntel Bethea and I am an adult who suffers from atopic dermatitis, otherwise known as atopic eczema. Like most, I was diagnosed as a child; also like most, my family was told, by physicians, I would likely grow out of it. They were only partially correct.

Trying this cream and that lotion

Adult with Atopic Dermatitis

For years my family tried different creams and ointments prescribed by a dermatologist after dermatologist. It drove me insane! To this day creams, lotions and ointments still bother me. – I use them, but it’s difficult for me to get attached. I never liked the feeling of them and in spite of what doctors said; those particular creams never brought me any relief. Years into my diagnosis, it started to get easier. The older I got the more vocal I became about my treatment and what helped vs. what hurt. It wasn’t too long before I was completely taking on the care of my skin on my own. – This was not without help or struggle of course. Read the full article: here.

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