I realize it’s not possible for everyone to travel. – I was once that person. Too sick to leave the hospital. Would’ve never imagined the COUNTRY. — Thanks to social media, it’s possible for one to experience a bit of the magic without leaving their bed. I want to give you a little of that magic today. 🌟 .


Bali is such a whirlwind of emotions, sounds & smells. From beautiful green plants to the colorful art. – 10,000 miles seems so far, yet Bali makes the world feel so small and time stand still at once.


Breathing in the fresh Bali air is a constant reminder to live in the moment and appreciate what is. The walk down to the waterfall serves as time to reflect: everything it took to get here. All of the sacrifices made. All of the people I had to say goodbye to.


Reminiscing on this moment, the only thing I feel is grateful. Grateful for everything that led up to this exact place & time. Grateful for time for myself. Time to live and appreciate what really matters in life. Grateful for the amazing people behind me. Just grateful 

As a traveler, if you’re seeking more of a “private” experience, I would either come early or choose a different destination. While beautiful, this waterfall was extremely crowded and packed with tourists. It made it hard to fully appreciate the experience with the noise, but it’s still a must-see if you ask me!

I loved visiting the waterfall so much. I hope you enjoy it as much as I!

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