I recently shared my experience getting referred to an IBD specialist. After years of trying and “failing” medications, years of surgery and more, my doctor felt it would be the best move for me at this time. I’ve been seeing a gastroenterologist since (around) 2014, but he does not actually specialize in IBD. – Something I didn’t even realize was a “thing” until I got involved in advocacy and met my amazing IBD friends.

The original doctor I was referred to actually was not in my network. – So I opted to see a doctor my friend Stephanie (of The Stolen Colon) told me about. Because I have a Jpouch and my friend actually has an ostomy, the clinic assigned me a different doctor, but it was still a great experience.

Unfortunately, if you don’t live in the “right area,” you may also be faced with a tough decision: see someone who doesn’t specialize in your condition or travel to someone who does.

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I am so blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to receive such amazing care. It was a tiring process, but worth it. In this video we discuss some pretty tough topics like perianal disease, abscess, fistula, inflammation, medications and more. – Continue watching with caution.

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