Dear Logan Paul

*Trigger Warning* : This article will discuss sensitive topics: Readers please be advised.

For those of you who do not know me, I’m just a blogger. I talk about IBD and Mental Health, Self Care and things along those lines. My following is not huge but I’d like to think I help people. It’s more likely that you’ve heard of Logan Paul. He’s a huge Youtuber with a very large following. Logan posts daily vlogs with the intent to entertain and humor his (over 15 million) subscribers.

The YouTuber decided to start the year with a bang. Paul and friends stopped by the Suicide Forest while visiting Japan – and vlog the experience. Japan has a major issue with suicide and in 2014 alone an average of 70 people committed suicide daily. The suicide forrest is known as the world’s most prevalent suicide sites. While Paul claims it was never his intent to see, nor film anyone in the forest, viewers believe otherwise.

The vlog posted by Logan Paul has since been removed from YouTube, but reposts have been popping up everywhere. Paul starts the video with slow, sad music. Appearing as if this would be the tone of the (entire) video. After the intro the mood of the video changes drastically back to the mood of many of Mr. Paul’s videos: Humorous. – Which is odd for a video (or any content for that matter) addressing a topic as serious as suicide. In the video, the vlogger not only films a person’s dead and hanging body (up close and personal), but laughed.

I won’t go into great detail about the video. If you are interested there are many places you can find a replica. The reposts have the victim’s body blurred out or skip those parts of the video completely as it is very sensitive material. In this article I will share my opinion on the video. What I say is not law. It is of little importance, but as stated earlier, I like to believe that my writing helps people. So if this article helps one person or prevents another from making this mistake, I am satisfied.

My opinion on the video is simple: utterly disrespectful.

Many videos of Logan Paul’s adventures in Japan show him doing things that I personally found disrespectful to the Japanese culture. This particular video is not only disrespectful to the culture, but to the family and friends of the victim and anyone struggling with their mental health/illness in general.

In the video above I discussed a little more on how I feel about the video. I didn’t go into great detail, but I’ve personally struggled a lot with Depression, Anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Although I’ve moved on and grown since then, it honestly could have gone either way. – Not to mention that it’s a never ending fight. There are good days, months even years but I’m well aware of the fact that I can fall into that pit again at any time. Depression isn’t a joke. Mental illness isn’t a joke. It’s this mindset: the young, childish mindset that has people so fearful to discuss their issues and/or seek help. My hope is that someday people will be as sympathetic to “invisible conditions” as they are to diseases and conditions that meet the eye.

The YouTuber has since gotten much push back and even petitions created on for the removal of his video(s) / channel. One benefit of this video is that is raises awareness of just how much of an issue suicide really is, not just in Japan but world-wide. The video shows the seriously vicious toll a mental battle can have on a person. – At the very least the video will hopefully create a more sympathetic and empathetic society. With 15 million subscribers, this young man obviously has made an impression on his viewers so far. Hopefully they can find a positive take-away from this very distasteful post.

  1. Sheryl

    8 January

    Thanks for bringing my and many others’ awareness to this. It breaks my heart whenever I’m travelling and see some tourist disrespecting another person’s culture. And in this case, a heartbreaking society issue to boot 🙁

    • shawnbethea

      8 January

      Sheryl, I so agree. It’s sad to watch tourists be disrespectful, as if they have no home training at all. I was shocked to learn of what happened in Japan / on the video. I hope this mistake never happens again.

  2. Danielle Faith

    13 January

    I’m so glad that people have shared their outrage about these types of people. R-E-S-P-E-C-T is SO important and mocking suicide is never okay.

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