What can I expect from Indonesia?

Indonesia is seriously one of the most beautiful countries I’ve experienced. From the culture and art of Ubud to the shops and markets and everything in between! If you can spare it, I’d definetely plan to spend at least a week or two exploring these beautiful islands. Indonesia is made up of over 18,000 islands. Each one offering a differnt taste and experience than the last. You can expect an overwhelming sense of gratitude, a mouthful of deliciousness and an earful of sounds! Indonesia is big, beautiful and busy! It’s like New York on steroids with 15 x the culture, people, food and traffic!

Things to See and Do in Indonesia

Kemenuh Butterfly Park
Ubud Monkey Forrest
Tegenungan Waterfall
Bali Swing
Honey Bees Cafe
Ubud Art Market
Kuta Beach
Gili Islands

I Moved To Indonesia

Typical Costs When Travelling

Accommodation – Depending on your style and what you’re looking for, accomodation in Indonesia can be super inexpensive. You can find a hostel for as low as $1/per night or a luxury hotel (typically hundreds to possibly thousands in the US) for $35!

Food – Food in Bali is extremely cheap and delicious! A meal (including drink) will run you just over a dollar or two! * These are found at more local places.* Keep in mind, if you’re looking for western food or dinning at more tourist-y spots, the price will go up a bit. — Those meals will probably run you about $5 – $10. Although meals are cheap, don’t be so quick to lower the budget just yet! Portions on that side of the world are typically much smaller than what westerners are used to. While the food was most enjoyable, I found myself eating more meals in a day compared to back home.

Transportation – The cheapest way to get around Indonesia (and possibly Southeast Asia as a whole) is [by] motorbike. On average these quick and hefty things can run you about 40,000 – 150,000 RPH per day. * Depending on where you go and how well you haggle.* I wouldn’t pay more than 50 or 60,000 RPH, which converts to about $3.55 – $4.26 USD. While bikes are probably the best way to get around, they do require skill. You want to be careful. Driving in Indonesia is much different from driving in western countries. I got in a wreck my first day with my bike. My friend living in Bali has a saying, “there are two types of people in Bali: those who’ve wrecked and those who will.” — With that being said, be careful and get travel insurance!

Suggested daily budget – $20 -100 USD (Note: This is a suggested budget does include your hotel / sleeping arrangements. If you’re looking for budget travel, Southeast Asia is certainly the place to be! If you’re planning on staying in hostels, homestays or cheap hotels, you’ll of course be on the lower in end of this. However, if you stay in fancier accommodation or eat out more often, expect this to be higher!)

Money Saving Tips

Download Grab & GoJek Uber sold its business in Southeast Asia to Grab. Grab is a safe and efficient way to travel through Indonesia. While you still want to use caution, Grab is very similar to Uber in a sense. You also have the ability to order a car or bike, while GoJek gives you the option to order a motorbike. Rides can vary, but the average ride.. let's say 5 - 10 mins will run about a dollar or so.
Don't Take Rides From Men Yelling TAXI! This is also for safety reasons. While a great deal of the economy is built on tourism, there are so many other ways to show your support and give back. Typically, these people are <em>not</em> an actual taxi sevice. - They are locals who are looking to make a buck by using what they have: a car or bike. The problem with this? Besides safety, these people typically charge much more than a normal Grab or GoJek would. If you're looking for a tour guide or car for the day, you can search Facebook or online, but I suggest searching in advance and be sure to negotiate.
Learn To Haggle As uncomfortable as it can be for some of us, in Southeast Asia, haggling is a way of life. Even in places where the prices may <em>seem</em> to be set, associates will still try to raise the rate when they see tourists. It's your job to stay aware and informed. Know how much your dollar converts to and never accept the first price. I've been in situations where the first price was 5 times the normal rate.
Walk If you think you're being scammed, it's likely you are. Indonesia is so beautiful and amazing. You will meet the most kind people, but it still has its issues like everywhere else in the world. If you're at a shop where someone isn't willing to bring down the price, walk. It's likely you will see the same product 50 - 100 times again before your trip ends.

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