Getting My First Tattoo in Bali, Indonesia | Tattoos and Biologics

Getting My First Tattoo in Bali, Indonesia | Tattoos and Biologics

I got my first tattoo in Bali, Indonesia. * Only a week or two after receiving my first dose of the biologic medication, Stelara. * This is something I was super excited and nervous about.

Disclaimer: This is only my experience with getting a tattoo // after taking a biologic medication. I am not a medical professional and this is not medical advice. Simply sharing what happened in my case.

Although this is my first tattoo, I’d been with friends who’d gotten a few in the US and I can say, the idea is the same. Just as there are unsanitary shops in the United States, there are the same overseas. Just as you are expected to ask questions and do your own research in any other circumstances, the same is true in Indonesia.

While it seems totally insane to get a tattoo over 10,000 miles away from home, the story actually isn’t that crazy. One beautiful Bali day, after walking the sunny streets for about 15 or 20 mins, I stumbled upon this cool shop. I checked out some of their work and the decision was final: I was doing it.

Did Stelara complicate things?

Honestly, not for me. Of course everyone’s experience is different and it’s certainly something to speak with your doctor about. — But I couldn’t have asked for a more smooth experience. I of course kept the area clean. I had tape to cover it for a while. I know some people talk about their skin being dry / peeling, but I never even had that experience. Then again, after the first week, I began moisturizing the area with this cream that I brought from back home. It’s pretty thick so it worked wonders in this case.

It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve gotten my tat and I would deff do it again! Pain was minimal and it was super


I truly hope you guys enjoy experiencing this portion of my life with me. It’s been an insane ride, but I love it and hope you do too! Love this post? Pin it to share and save for later!

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