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Growing Into the Person You're Meant to be

My sister and I were having a discussion the other day; we were talking about our social highs and lows. I use the word social because these particular highs and lows didn’t affect us in any other way. They don’t cause emotional stress, they don’t cause physical harm to us, they were simply highs and lows in our social lives.

My sister felt as if something was wrong with her social life. She said one week (maybe even a few weeks in a row), she’ll be out at someone’s house every day, yet other weeks she can sit in the house and not reach out to anyone for days. Personally, I do this too. There are times in my life when I am so social and outgoing, and other times when I just need time for myself. I explained to my sister, I honestly don’t think anything is wrong… I think she is simply growing into the person she is meant to be.

Growing Into The Person You're Meant To Be

Growing into the Person You Are Meant to be in Life

There are different stages of life and of course, every person handles these stages differently. For a portion of your life, you’re just not the person you’re meant to be. – And that’s okay. When you’re an adolescent or teenager, heck even a young adult – You’re still experiencing life. You’re still going through the things that are molding you and shaping you into the person you’re meant to be. Everyone doesn’t find that person as easily or as fast as others. – That too is okay. As humans our job is to grow, to expand and better ourselves. Even after growing into the person you’re meant to be, you’ll still be changing and learning new things. – But you’ll no longer feel as if you need to “find yourself.”

When you’re younger you feel pressure. There’s a constant pressure to keep up with the crowd: Go out, stay on the phone with friends until 1am even though you’re not that interested in the conversation, hang with the popular people (for who knows what reasons). When you make the transition from the young and reckless into the person you’re meant to be, you’ll notice a lot of that pressure begin to fade. You’ll also notice your priorities begin to shift. You’ll care more about things like your personal wellbeing and mental health. – And having time for yourself will become a key component of that.

You’ll no longer feel the need to stay out late, you won’t feel pressured to fit in or do things you’re really not interested in doing. You’ll know and acknowledge your worth and the value of your time. You’ll be able to appreciate the things you do enjoy and let go of things you don’t.

I honestly feel I have grown into that person. Instead of wasting it, I now invest my time in things that can benefit me, my family and my future. I now couldn’t care less of what other’s opinions are about me and / or what I do. I have become my own person (and although I am still learning and adjusting), I’m happy with the person I’ve become.