Just a Little Heart…

Just a Little Heart…

Janssen Global Services, LLC, paid for my travel expenses for the conference. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

Early April, I attended the HealtheVoices conference. This is a conference I’ve had the pleasure of attending a few times in the past and shared: here and here.

Each year this conference is so different, yet so amazing. Last year, I was excited to sit on an HeV panel. This year brought even more excitement when I was asked to serve as an advisor!

This year was jam packed full of fun and surprises from day one! With it being the 5th anniversary of the conference, the Janssen team was 100% determined to make it special. – Along with the advisor team of course! –

From the tear-jerking intro video highlighting conferences, attendees and advisors of the past, to my personal fave: mind-blowing artist and keynote speaker, Rick Guidotti of Positive Exposure, each piece fit into the program like a beautiful puzzle. All emphasising the beauty and importance of the 2019 theme:

A Little Heart Can Do Big Things

This year’s theme was courtesy of advocate, blogger, photographer and down right cool guy, Mike Durban of My Diabetic Heart.

One huge take-away I left with is this:

It doesn’t take much, at least not as much as you or I would think. Making a difference can start with something as small as acknowledging the beauty in pain. Highlighting key differences, beautiful differences, that others often overlook. Embracing a reality that may not be perfect, but represents your truth.

A little heart can make a whole lot of difference.

A little heart can do big things.

This little heart will do big things.

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