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Remove the mess From Your Life

Hello friends! I know it’s been a while and I sincerely apologize for my lack of effort.A lot has been going on. Having a blog is amazing and I absolutely love having this platform to touch such a diverse audience. I love being able to share any and everything on my mind and communicate with my friends and followers. – With that being said….

Of course I WISH life was just dandelions and butterflies, but the reality is.. It’s not. Life for me has been very rough and stressful. I share a lot on my blog because I want to be completely open and honest with my readers… But… Everything is not meant to be shared. Not that I’m hiding things or being dishonest, it’s just that some things are personal and should remain that way. I don’t want this post to be negative or dry so while I did want to share that little tidbit with you guys… That’s not the topic of this post at all.

How To De-Clutter Your Life

I am working on de-cluttering my life. Becoming the best version of myself. You may remember posts back when I shared my experiences with Anger Management and how much it changed me as a person. If you haven’t read that post yet you can check it out here. Below are just a few steps I’ve taken to declutter my life that I’ve found super helpful! You should try them too!

I went on a cleaning spree.

I’ve cleaned out my car, my phone, my home, my Facebook inbox and I’m ready to do much more! Everything must go! I’ve also donated a lot of extra clothes to Goodwill. Too much clutter gives me Anxiety and thereby puts me in a bad mood so I’m cleaning up and cleaning out!

I’ve set realistic goals.

I want to do so this year but I also want to be realistic and allow time for myself.

A mental + social break.

When I’m upset or unhappy I cannot fake it. It’s not in me. On the other hand, I don’t want to be that “Negative Nancy,” Going around friends with nothing nice to say and a bad attitude. – This is why I decided to take a mental break. Having a schedule for everything can be beneficial but if you’re not 100% ready and in control, it can also be detrimental. For a while I’ve just had a lot on my plate – (I know, I’m the one who put it there) – So when home and private life issues were added to the mix I just broke down. .. Don’t get me wrong. I’m okay, but I just was in severe need of time away from my commitments. So I put the blog, Youtube and social media to the back burner.

Positive Affirmations

To be positive, you must think positive. This is why I’m trying to surround myself with positive words and quotes. Whether it’s on my phone, social media or around the house, I need that affirmation in my day.

New Opportunities

I know right… I was just talking about how stressed I am, now I’m adding more to the pot.. How could I?! Well here’s how! I’m back. I’m ready to pick up where I left off. What’s to come???

  • More consistently posting on the blog + YouTube.
  • More guests post! One coming tomorrow!
  • More involvement in IBD related projects + partnerships

I’m truly looking forward to what’s to come and hope you are too. I appreciate your patients with me during this difficult time. 💜

As always, thanks for reading. Before you go:

Are you on a cleaning spree? What aspects of your life are a little hectic right now? Let me know in the comments below!