10 IBD Advocates & Resources: Awareness Week

10 IBD Advocates & Resources: Awareness Week

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Hello beautiful people! Welcome back to IBD Awareness Week with More Spoons!

As promised, day 2 of IBD Awareness Week, I will be sharing your “Go To” IBD Advocates and blogs. – Before we get into that, let’s recap Day 1 shall we?

To kick off IBD Awareness Week many different things went down.

1. The CCFA staff, volunteers and IBD advocates visited Washington, DC to walk the halls of congress and raise awareness! Shout to you guys! Info can be found here.

2. Ostomy Connection published a feature about my life with an Ostomy. – That’s right, the night before a representative reached out to me about sharing a story on my life. We went through some technicalities and I reviewed everything but I had no idea it would be up just in time for Awareness Week. So shoutout to you guys! View my article here.

3. CCFA is continuing to push their “IBDVisible” hashtag to raise awareness on social networks. Many patients and caregivers are using it too, including myself. Be sure to add an #IBDVisible to your posts and tweets! #IBDAwarenessWeek

4. Companion IBD kicked off their Awareness Week with their own hashtag! #IBDUnfiltered – Use their hashtag with an unfiltered pic showing how IBD has affected your life.

5. Supporting Companion IBD! – In support of this new hashtag I posted a picture on Instagram of myself after one of my toughest surgeries.

Click here to view this post.

6. Of course the More Spoons announcement of how we’re contributing to the week!

7. The CFFA live Twitter chat with Pearl Jam‘s Mike McCready (who suffers from Crohn’s disease). – Patients, advocates, caregivers, everyone was able to see Mike McCready’s responses to the CCFA’s questions and also talk about their experiences. Hopefully the CCFA will post a recap. But I was able to slip in a few questions / comments myself, which was awesome.




After the chat he even chose to follow me, that was pretty cool too.


8. The CCFA hosted a Facebook live video about advocacy featuring a few IBD advocates who traveled to DC this weekend. So far they’ve gotten over 10,000 views! In case you missed it, click here.


So let’s get to the main topic of today. The IBD Advocates, blogs & resources that you should be tuning into. 

When I follow and suggest people, I actually look at a few things. I would never suggest someone to you that I don’t truly support. In the next few weeks I have a post coming out where I address how negativity affects advocacy. I would never suggest someone who I feel has a bad attitude or negative imagine. GRANTED: We all have bad days. We all have sick days. We all have days when we want to give up. That’s normal. – But I never associate myself with anyone who has a negative outlook on life or brings constant negativity to the lives of others, and I don’t expect you to either.

With that being said, the following advocates and sites are in no kind of order, BUT, of course… Knowing me.. You know who’s first…

  1. Colitis Ninja: Colitis Ninja.com is a site created by Amber Elder, my best UC friend! With her site, she seeks to raise awareness for IBD, in hopes of a cure and also provide support for others who have been diagnosed or struggling.
  2. Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America: The CCFA is a non-profit organization that hosts events and provides information and resources for caregivers, sufferers and ultimately anyone who is looking to support the IBD community’s search for cures!
  3. Brooke Bogdan, Kristin Harris & Rasheed Clarke: All of whom contribute to Companion IBD. Brooke is the founder of the Companion IBD magazine. She is very passionate about helping people with IBD and I love working with her. She also runs her own blog which can be found by clicking here. Kristin is an extremely positive and passionate person, she can be reached on Twitter @kristindunreath, she also has a personal website, click here. Rasheed is very passionate and supportive. Not to mention, we all have J-Pouches! You can reach Rasheed and purchase his new book on his person website by clicking here.
  4. Jordan Wilson: Jordan is very passionate about raising awareness and helping people. Tweet Jordan@TheRealJMW.
  5. Sara Ringer: Sara created her website Inflamed and Untamed where she discusses her illness and a slew of other useful info! Click here to view.
  6. Will Lanier: Will discusses his journey on his blog as well! Wounds to Wisdom (Im addicted to the name), click here to view.
  7. Sneha Dave: Sneha is a really bright individual who’s goal is to bring more attention to teens and youth who suffer from IBD. You can view information on her non-profit by clicking here.
  8. Support IBD: Founded by Aaon Blocker. I don’t know too much about him but he and the website are very informative.To view Support IBD, click here.
  9. CrohnsDisease.com: Information and stories from real patients.
  10. Vegan Ostomy: This was one of the most helpful websites/ people I followed when I had an Ostomy. Click here to view.

The post is not sponsored. These are advocates, pages or blogs that I personally believe in and follow. There are so many more, even that I follow, but for now I am just listing 10, in no order.

As always, thanks for reading.

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