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Nov 4th I attended another Patient Advisory Board, this time in Atlanta, GA. The last meeting was for the company to learn more about life with Ulcerative Colitis. How we handle our relationships, manage our jobs, support systems, ect.

This go around it was a little different. We discussed treatments and I actually did learn quite a bit about the medications I’d been taking for years. I’m excited to dream up some educational materials in the future regarding the different categories and characteristics of some pretty popular rx.

(Chart of things we wish we’d have known about life with UC)

It was so interesting to hear everyone’s treatment history.

It was awesome seeing everyone again! The first meeting everyone came and left as friends, by the second… we were family.

The company is meeting with patient advocates to “bridge the gap in healthcare. ” Get a better understanding from a patient perspective to improve medicine, healthcare, and how we communicate with our physicians!

There are no words to describe how amazing it is to be in a room full of people who understand.

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