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Inflammatory Bowel Disease Awareness Week

Hello beautiful people! & HAPPY IBD AWARENESS WEEK! This is the time for patients, bloggers, advocates, SURVIVORS to raise awareness for IBD and in turn, prayerfully, raise funds for research and cures!

Welcome to my workspace.

I am a little-a lot behind finalizing my plans for the week as I have been sick. Thank God not too many Colitis symptoms, just a fierce cold.

So what’s the plan?

Well I’ve drawn out a day by day post / activity plan for MoreSpoons.com. It can be found here:

Ill also be posting updates and sharing other advocates’ posts, products and inspiration on Twitter, so if you are not already following me, click here and stay updated.

With that being said,

Day 1 is to discuss ways you can support! Also, what you can do to become “IBD Visible.” – Which leads me into my first suggestion..

  1. The CCFA (Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America) is doing a lot to raise awareness for IBD. Here are a few things you can participate in with the CCFA to support:
    1. Simply be IBD Visible: Many patients with IBD may look fine on the outside, but suffer greatly internally. IE: Invisible Illness. Adding your name to the IBD Visible map lets the IBD community know, you stand with us.
    2. The CCFA is allowing you to add an “IBD Visible” banner to your profile picture on social networks like Twitter. This also raises awareness by letting your friends and family know you stand with the IBD community.
    3. The CCFA is always open to donations (<-click) to their organization to support their efforts in finding cures.
    4. Share your story: If you suffer from IBD, sharing your story can help someone better understand their illness and know they are not alone.
    5. Read a story: If you don’t suffer from IBD, you can read the stories of patients to better understand our daily struggle and lifestyle. You can read my story by clicking here.
    6. Attend events. The CCFA is associated with a few events in certain areas during the IBD Awareness week. If you’re in the Charlotte/ Concord area, you can go to the Foster’s Grille Give Back Night on December 6th from 5P-8P EST!
  2. Get a better understanding of IBD. – You can get a better understanding of IBD by simply doing a little research and following the blogs and events of advocates and patients who share their journey. Tomorrow I will share more information on blogs and advocates as well.
  3. The Youtube Live J-Pouch chat (<-click) hosted by Colitis Ninja (<- click) on December 4th. – (Click the name of the chat to attend on December 4th, Click “Colitis Ninja” to view her blog directly or add this event to your Facebook calendar by clicking here). 
  4. Share a photo that represents your IBD! – That’s right. Simply share an unfiltered photo of how IBD has affected your life with the hashtag “#IBDUnfiltered” to support the new campaign by Companion IBD (<- click).
  5. Twitter chats. On December 5th from 8P-9P EST the CCFA will be hosting a Twitter chat featuring amazing advocates Jacklyn Green and Sara Ringer discussing mental health and IBD! Be on the look out for the hashtag #IBDVISIBLE.
  6. Subscribe. Subscribe to MoreSpoons and other blogs and resources I will share tomorrow for more information and updates in the future related to this topic and many more!

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As always, thanks for reading.

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