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Hello everyone and welcome back. This year I attended ImproveCareNow’s spring conference held in Dallas, TX – held on (what better date?) my birthday! April 28th,2017. The conference lasted a few days and was jam packed with information sessions, discussions, patient panels and more. As you may know, the HealthEVoices, conference for online health advocates was the week before in Chicago. – If you haven’t heard about HealthEVoices or would like more information on the conference, you can check out that post here. Anyways, because the conferences were only a week apart and I still had a ton of work in-between, on my birthday I actually hadn’t slept in over 24 hours! I was literally running on fumes so unfortunately, upon arrival, while I did get to go to brunch with a portion of the other members of the Patient Advisory Counsil, I wasn’t able to make the tour of the city. Maybe next time Dallas!


ImproveCareNow defines itself as a network of people working together and dedicated to quality improvement and patient-powered research.- A collaborative community where patients, parents, clinicians, and researchers work together to improve the health and care of children and youth.

ImproveCareNow has greatly increased the number of kids in remission with Crohn’s and Colitis at their centers. Here is a visual from the ICN website of their progress:

As members of the Patient Advisory Council, we serve as a voice for the patients receiving care at ICN centers. Alex Jofriet created an amazing slideshow presentation of which we presented at conference, sharing who the “PAC” is and in detail explaining what we do and how we do it. That presentation can be accessed here.

I will be uploading some of the information sessions from the conference as well as some sessions from the HealthEVoices conference on my Youtube channel over the next few months. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated and get inspiration straight to your inbox. If you would like to help the patients of ImproveCareNow, consider attending a conference, donating or even joining the PAC via the website

I love being a member of the ImproveCareNow Patient Advisory Council. I love having the ability to connect with other patients who 100% can understand what I am going through. The Spring conference was the first one I’d attended with ICN. It was so exciting to meet the people I’d been communicating with for months in person and share my personal voice and experiences with IBD. I love the work ImproveCareNow is doing in the IBD community. As someone who started experiencing symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis at a very young age, I can really appreciate the efforts ICN is making to help adolescents receive the quality care they need. Working alongside the amazing patient advocates, parents and providers of ImproveCareNow honestly just empowers me and pushes me to do more in my own community.

  • more photos to come.

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  • Posted September 5, 2017 7:34 pm 0Likes
    by Paula Kiger

    This is so interesting. I am excited for the possibilities it holds for you.

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