Jpouch Inflammation | Talks with the Doctor | Possibly Going (Back) to Biologics

Jpouch Inflammation | Talks with the Doctor | Possibly Going (Back) to Biologics

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Pouchitis: Inflammation of the Jpouch

July 13th, 2017: Welcome back! I haven’t done an IBD post lately so I figured I may as well share! If you want to see more of my IBD posts I do have a weekly column on IBD News Today where I share certain things. I also am a contributor to

My IBD journey has really been all over the place. I knew surgery was not a cure but my first year of solely using my J-pouch (no ostomy involved), was like a cake walk. Although living a life without a colon is totally different, initially I felt relief I hadn’t felt in about 10 years! I imagined that life was similar to a person without IBD and a healthy digestive system.

This post is going up a little late but in order to give you a full idea of what I’m going through and what it’s like living with a J-pouch, I’ve decided to share this series of events. 

As many of you know (from my Facebook and other social media posts), I have been dealing with a lot of inflammation in my J-pouch since mid 2016. April of 2016 Lamar and I found out we were expecting. Unfortunately the pregnancy ended in miscarriage, what they call a “missed miscarriage” or “missed abortion.” – Meaning I never showed any symptoms of miscarriage. I’m not going to go into too much detail but you can read more on that topic: here.

Anyway, after the miscarriage my body still didn’t feel normal. I had random pains and just felt out of wack. I began seeing my GI again who scoped me and confirmed it was Pouchitis. Seems like a lot huh? There’s more! Originally I was prescribed Flagyl. I hated it. It was so hard on my stomach. I felt pain, nausea and a constant metallic taste in my mouth at all times. I stopped taking the medication as soon as symptoms seemed to subside. – highly unsuggested. Since that time I’ve been battling with Pouchitis (on and off), which has now been diagnosed as chronic Pouchitis (after my sigmoidoscopy which you will see shortly).

I had quite a few tests done including a fecal exam and a quite extensive panel of blood tests. Judging by the fecal exam, my inflammation level was pretty high. That’s when we decided to go ahead with the sigmoidoscopy to determine how to move forward.

This is a Vlog filmed after the procedure:

Ultimately, we decided to give antibiotics another go as inflammation wasn’t as severe as suspected. We also decided to move forward with iron infusions as my iron/sat and hemoglobin levels were low as well.

Labcorp test results:

That’s my life right now. Soon I will give an update on iron infusions and how it has/ has not worked for me. If you’ve ever had an iron infusion let me know how you felt after and if it was a success! Until next time..!


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    by Sheryl

    Looking forward to the post on iron infusions!

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