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Life of a Patient Advocate: Not Everyone Will Support You

I was reading a post the other day in a Facebook group I’m in, the person asked, “do you ever get frustrated that your friends and family don’t read / support your blog?” – I wanted to say no, but in all honesty, I do get frustrated at times. I always say I want to be 100% transparent on my blog, it’s the reason I share so much and I’m so public about my life, healthcare and feelings. This is a very important topic. Especially for those of you who are considering coming out or being more public about your condition, you need to know that not everyone will support what you do. Most people may not even care.

Life of a Patient Advocate: Not Everyone Will Support You

Everyone who follows my blog obviously knows my life is no where near rainbows and butterflies, but I have been a little more successful in my Patient Advocate career. From writing for various sites to conferences and other freelance work, I’ve grown a lot since I started my little Living with Colitis Daily blog back in 2014. I was considering writing a post on how exactly I’ve expanded my reach and my plans for the future. If you would like to see a post like that just let me know in the comments below.

Anyway, although my reach has expanded and I am getting more opportunities, one thing remains the same, certain people refuse to support or even acknowledge my work. It’s actually funny because the same people online will share a post of a naked (fe)male, they’ll share negativity and drama, but when they see a post about someone coming to terms with their condition, when they see my ostomy or scars they just continue to scroll. If it’s not negativity or the latest fashion, most people down my timeline honestly don’t give a crap. Couldn’t care less. To be honest, a lot of people in your own “community” won’t even support your efforts. So how do I manage? Simple. I remind myself of everyone who does care. Everyone who needs my words. Everyone who looks to me for motivation and inspiration. Even if it’s only one person, if I’ve helped that one person through another day, I’m satisfied. That’s enough to make it all worth it in my book.

The best advice I can give you is to never look to others for validation. Always remember to be confident in yourself and your abilities and keep your intentions pure.

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2 thoughts on “Life of a Patient Advocate: Not Everyone Will Support You

  • Thank-you so much for writing this. Although i dont know if Type One Diabetes properly counts as “chronic illness* (although on 2nd thoughts, why wouldnt it?!) i often get worried about how much i share. With my mental health as well, passing comments have been made by my family that i could “hinder job prospects” by sharing too much.

    But i look at it from the other perspective – what if i could HELP someone else? Also, why would i want to work for someone who would discriminate based on my health?! I WOULDN’T! So reading this really helped remind me of WHY i do this and why i need to focus on my own reasons. Like you said, not looking for validation xxx

    Bumble & Be

    • Thank you for reading! Yes I agree, I worry about how much I share and if u should share at all. It does make our jobs harder as patient advocAtes. But you’re 100% right, we are helping so many people and they need us! We just have to keep that in mind even though it does get hard to remember at times.

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