Lilly Stairs Talks About Clara Health and the Importance of Clinical Trials

Lilly Stairs Talks About Clara Health and the Importance of Clinical Trials

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I had the pleasure of meeting Lilly Stairs in person last year at the HealtheVoices conference. She’s an amazing person and advocate with an amazing story to share. Incase you haven’t noticed, I’ve had a lot to say about Clara Health since I joined their Breakthrough Crew Team when it first launched. Clara supports patients and caregivers in finding clinical trials. I actually have a page dedicated to Clara and their mission on my site! If you’re interested in learning more you can also visit the Clara website by clicking here. Today Lilly will tell us more about her role with Clara Health and the importance of clinical trial awareness.

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Tell us more about your role with Clara?

As the Head of Patient Advocacy at Clara, I help ensure that the patient voice remains firmly at the center of the company. I work closely with every team member across departments to ensure the product we are building is patient and caregiver friendly.


I have the distinct pleasure of running our patient programming including the Breakthrough Crew, a group of patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals dedicated to raising awareness about the power of breakthrough research and clinical trials. I also work closely with our Head of Growth to run our Patients Have Power initiatives like our podcast and Twitter chats, and work to develop strategies for Clara’s growth.

Lilly Stairs and Clara Health

Why do you think it’s important for patients to know about clinical trials?

Patients deserve to have access to every treatment option that is available to them. Often times, patients are unaware that clinical trials exist as an option. At Clara, we want patients to be empowered with this knowledge.


Clinical trials offer access to cutting edge therapies and can be a great treatment option especially for patients who have failed or are likely to fail available options. They also often offer high quality care that is free of charge.


What is one thing you wish more people knew about clinical trials?

I wish people didn’t believe clinical trial myths! One of the biggest myths out there is that there is always a placebo used in clinical trials. While there are some trials that use a placebo, many trials actually do not use a placebo but rather the current standard of care. This means that all patients would get access to some sort of treatment while in the trial, whether that be the new therapy they are testing or the current standard treatment.


What is the best part of your job?

Working with the Breakthrough Crew Ambassadors!! I love collaborating with fellow advocates to raise awareness across patient communities. I draw so much energy from every interaction with our Crew members. It always grounds me in my life’s reason for being…to do everything I can to make life better for patients!


Considering joining the Breakthrough Crew? Reach out to Lilly! Let her know we sent you!

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