Managing My Health With IBD Health Storylines!

Managing My Health With IBD Health Storylines!

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I was asked to do a review of the IBD Health Storylines app. You can get this app for free by clicking here. 

IBD Health Storylines

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So I’ve been using the app for about a week now and first I would like to say I am just so happy there is an app out for IBD patients! A lot of patients are very self conscious or embarrassed of their symptoms, especially when first diagnosed. I think this app can really. Not only with recording data, but how we manage our care in general. This app allows us to communicate with our physicians with an in depth record of our symptoms and recent activity.
The Deets 

Creating an account was very simple. They don’t require a lot of info at all. Have an email? You can sign up.

Once you create you account you can provide as much info as you want. If you want to provide your full name and personal info, that’s fine or immediately get into playing with the tools and logging symptoms.

As you can see I chose to provide more information. The app asked basic information about my diagnosis and gave me the option to even enter health goals.

As you can see the app allows you to add input on a slew of different day to day topics.

Managing My Self Care

To be able to log my daily health has been very useful. When I got sick on Friday I was able to go back to the app and check things like my mood, bowel movements and food intake and come to a pretty decent conclusion on why exactly I was sick and if I needed to sick professional help.

Perhaps my favorite feature of this app is the feature that allows you to track your bowel movements. With IBD patients this is definitely a key component in our care.

I Must Admit…

I didn’t use the app every day. It was hard to remember but they have handy notifications to remind you.

I love the mood feature. ♥️

In Conclusion

I can definitely see this app becoming a key  component in the management of personal care for the IBD community. However, I definitely think I would have used and enjoyed this app a lot more when I was sick. I forgot little things like how many pills I’d taken in the day or little thoughts I wanted to ask / tell my doctor. For anyone suffering from the active symptoms of Crohn’s or Colitis I would suggest downloading this app.

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