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Shawntel Bethea, IBD, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis Blog

Shawntel Bethea is dedicated to her work and embraces any opportunity to learn, raise awareness and collaborate with others. Shawntel has participated in fundraisers for IBD non-profits, peer mentoring, she is (also) a contributor to major online patient platforms such: as the Mighty and CrohnsDisease (dot) com. Shawntel has worked with pharmaceutical companies, including participation in patient advisory boards, conferences and more. If you’re interested in working together please contact directly via email at or using the Contact tab, thank you.

Media & Work:

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Shawntel Bethea Patient Advocate

  • Freelance writing / work
  • Public speaking
  • Product reviews
  • Guest posts
  • Sponsored posts / ads
  • Participation in/at conferences
  • Hosting social media chats
  • Joining / Contributing to advisory boards
  • … And more!



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