Minority Health Awareness Month on the AboutIBD Podcast with Amber Tresca

Minority Health Awareness Month on the AboutIBD Podcast with Amber Tresca

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Back in Chicago, Brooke Abbott and I had the privilege of sitting down with Amber Tresca and discussing life and healthcare as we know it: as African American women. April was Minority Health Awareness Month so we definitely felt it was a fitting topic. I loved this experience. I really admire Brooke and Amber for all of the amazing work they’ve done (and continue to do). I personally thought this talk was a success. I realize not everyone has the platforms we have to be able to advocate and speak so freely regarding issues that are so important. It’s a huge and very significant topic, but I think we did it justice. There isn’t enough time in the world to discuss every single issue minorities face, but this conversation was a good start.
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You may know Brooke from her Blog, Crazy Creole Mommy, her work in entertainment / production or her political advocacy. She’s an amazingly strong black mother to an adorable son, Hippo! Amber is from AboutIBD; you may also know her from her work with VeryWell. Together these women are a force to be reckoned with! I really hope you give this podcast a listen. Be sure to share with your friends!


If you are a minority, tell me, can you identify with some of the issues we addressed today? Do you find that you’re treated differently in your healthcare? What are some experiences you’ve had with being treated unfairly?
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