Words of Encouragement: To Those Newly Diagnosed O...

Words of Encouragement: To Those Newly Diagnosed Or Struggling With A Chronic Condition

This is a message to anyone newly diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) , or any other kind of Chronic condition. Sorry for how long it is! Hope it helps someone. xxx

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  1. Pippit

    15 December

    It was really interesting to hear your story, and glad you joined Chronic Illness Bloggers where you can meet lots of people who are “out” with our chronic illnesses. I invite you to check out my blog; . I am trying to get laws changed so that patients will not be blacklisted by medical systems and have some real recourse if they are abused in these places. Me and a friend have created a petition where we’re collecting signatures and personal accounts that are auto-forwarded to Secretary Sylvia Burwell of Health and Human Services Committee, US Congress. Here is the link to that if you or any of your friends are interested in a worthy cause to help with your collective voices; This is such an important human rights issue and is just now coming to light with more and more patients going public.

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