What Pack Health is Doing in the IBD and Chronically Ill Community

What Pack Health is Doing in the IBD and Chronically Ill Community

This post is in partnership with WEGO Health and Pack Health. All thoughts and opinions are my own. To learn more about what Pack Health is bringing to the IBD and chronically ill community please click here.

There’s no such thing as an “easy” chronic condition. No matter what you’re dealing with, living with a chronic condition causes us to lead very different lives. When I was first diagnosed with ulcerative colitis [almost 10 years ago], this is a concept I really didn’t grasp. — I heard the word “chronic,” but I thought nothing of it. I took it as something that would be treated throughout my lifetime: A few meds here, maybe a few follow ups and I was good to go! … Oh to be that young again…

In spite of what I thought, this quickly became my reality: pain. isolation. hospitalizations. surgery. more medications than I could possibly count. The list goes on. To describe my life post-diagnosis would be describing a lifetime worth of overwhelming disappointment, pain and embarrassment. This is why I so appreciate the resources Pack Health is bringing, not only to the IBD community, but the chronic[ally] ill community at large.

As someone who has personally been through the worst of it with my autoimmune disease, I am so grateful for companies that not only see the gaps in healthcare, but are willing to acknowledge and bridge the divide as well. Pack Health is not only offering you a coach, but a companion Someone to walk with you through the highs and lows of your condition. Being sick is isolating. It gets lonely. It gets overwhelming. Imagine having someone by your side. Your own, personal Health Advisor who can connect you to local support groups, transportation resources, free nutrition consultations and so much more. Whether you’re newly diagnosed or 20 years in, this is an option for you.

These are trained professionals 100% in your corner. Whether you’re looking for someone to get you connected to a slew of resources just for you or simply need someone to chat or text for support and a helping hand. — They’ve got you covered. Possibly the best news? Pack Health delivers personalized support across over 25 chronic conditions! If you’re looking to learn more or schedule your first consultation, click here!

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