Scammed in Bali: Watch This Before You Visit Bali Indonesia

Scammed in Bali: Watch This Before You Visit Bali Indonesia

Things like this happen pretty often in Bali. While it is an amazingly beautiful island, people are still people. It’s great people are traveling more and documenting their experiences, but a huge downfall to that is many people out there continue to glorify travel without showing the pits, the trials, the times the skies weren’t so blue and things weren’t as great as they appeared.

I will always stand behind My Decision To Live In Bali, whether I decide to return after my trip to America or not. Bali is truly love. I love the busy, yet peacefulness of it all. I love the beautiful beaches. The homestays. The hostels. No one *or few* bad experiences will ever change that.

As always, I want to give an unfiltered view of my experiences. So here it is. Whether it was a scam or simply a cultural difference, I will probably never know, but I still had a great day. After all, the goal is to place more value in experiences than money 😉

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