Shawntel Bethea’s Patient Advocacy Portfolio

Shawntel Bethea is dedicated to her work and embraces any opportunity to learn, raise awareness and collaborate with others. In the past, she’s participated in fundraisers for IBD non-profits, peer mentoring, she is a contributor to major online patient platforms such as the Mighty and CrohnsDisease (dot) com, traveling for pharmaceutical companies to participate in patient advisory boards, conferences and much more. If you’re interested in working together please contact directly at or using the Contact tab, thank you.

Work & Projects:


50 States Network


Clara Health

Break Through Crew Patient Ambassador

Crohns Disease (Dot) Com

Contributor and Moderator

IBD News Today


WeGo Health



Schizophrenia Interview (Life with my mother)

Everyday Health
My Take (Videos of patients sharing their lives with Ulcerative Colitis)


J-Pouch YouTube Live Chat hosted by Colitis Ninja

Host of Lazy Blogging Twitter chat (@LazyBlogging)

Member of Patient Advisory Board for Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company



ImproveCare Now (Spring 2017) 

More information here (Conference)

HealthEVoices (2017) 

More information here (Conference)

In The Media | Articles & Features:


the Mighty

My Worst Day with IBD

Crohns Disease (Dot) Com

IBD Interview: MoreSpoons

Ostomy Connection

5 Important Things My Ostomy Taught Me About Life

Daily Manic

Shawn Bethea: Living Well with Chronic Illness (Feature)

Why I Am So Thankful For My Ostomy (Repost)

Improve Care Now Patient Advisory Counsel Member

Click here for more information

Crohn’s Disease (Dot) Com

10 Ways IBD Has Made Me A Better Person (Repost | Article)

The Mighty

How IBD Has Made Me A Better Person (Repost | Article)

Being Lydia Blog

To Others Out There Who Have A Parent With A Mental Illness (Repost | Guest Feature)

Shona Louise Blog

Shawn’s Ulcerative Colitis

Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America

(Facebook Feature) + (Instagram Feature)

Contributor to The Mighty

Why I’ll Never Forget My Friend’s Act of Kindness For Me In The Hospital 


Contributor to The Mighty

Why Im So Thankful For My Ostomy

To Other’s Out There Who Have A Parent With Mental Illness

Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America

Shawn’s Story

Overcoming IBD

Contributor to Blog Her

Learning To Love My Sick Self

Tuhinz Diary

Ulcerative Colitis Could Not Stop Shawn From Leading A Positive Life

Ostomy Connection

Once I Learned The Ins And Outs Of An Ostomy My Life Was 1000% Better


Black Hair Information

Shawn Bethea #StayStrong

Fight Like A Girl

Shawntel’s Fight Like A Girl Story

What I Offer:

  • Public speaking
  • Product reviews
  • Guest posts
  • Sponsored posts / ads
  • Attending patient conferences
  • Hosting social media chats
  • Joining / Contributing to advisory boards
  • And much more!