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Netflix Must Watch

Welcome back friends and followers! Today’s post will broadcast the beauty of what is Netflix! Lately I’ve discovered some pretty amazing shows (after some digging). Now, I’m ready to share these with YOU! WARNING ⚠️: Prepare yourself for awesomeness before watching.

5 Netflix Shows You NEED To Watch

1. Once Upon A Time

I love this show so much! I literally finished all seasons on Netflix within just a few weeks! If you love fairytales then this show is a MUST. The show brings a slew of fairytales and disney movies to reality! So many surprises!

Quick Details: A women named Emma gives her child up for adoption and years later, he finds her. He brings her to a town named Storybrook where he lives with his adopted mother (aka the Evil Queen). No one knows they are characters in a book yet.

2. Chasing Life

Looking for a tear jerker? This ones for you! Chasing Life is literally so amazing. I may have finished this series in a week.

Quick Details: The main character April is diagnosed (by her uncle) with Cancer. April is a young reporter who falls for not one but two men, one of whom turns out to have Cancer as well! – Every other episode made me cry. Watch with caution! (Also, the only disappointing thing about this show is, it was actually cancelled. The show ends when April has to make the biggest decision of her life… If she wants to continue her life… sorry! I’ve said too much!

3. Baby Daddy

I’m finishing up the last few episodes of season 5 now. Baby Daddy is a cute comedy for the younger crowd.

Quick Details: The main character Ben comes home to a baby at the front door! His baby! The show goes through he and his roommates’/ family’s struggle with parenting, dating, sex and random issues in between!

4. Limitless

Lamar actually watched a great deal of this series without me so I’ll have to catch up but if you’re interested in mystery/crime/action shows this would do you some good.

Quick Details: The main character uses a drug that allows him super human abilities. He also starts working with the FBI.

5. Daredevil 

Once again, Lamar watched most of this without me so I’m still catching up. Daredevil is interesting action/ superhero type of show. I can’t really give details because any details I give would be considered spoilers!


As always, thanks for reading. Before you go:

Have you ever seen any of these shows? If so, which is your favorite? I would love to know! Leave in the comments below!