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How To Become A Better Person

Hello friends and welcome back!  As I arrived to work the other day, I stopped on my way up the stairs and thought “how simple and easy would it be for all of my coworkers (who are physically able) to take the stairs (instead of the elevator) every morning? They would get to their destination so much faster!” – And just like that… The creation of this post. Today’s post is short, sweet and to the point. These are small and simple things you can begin to incorporate into your daily life that can make a world of difference.

Simple Things You Can Incorporate Into Your Daily Routine To Become A Better Person

  1. Take the stairs.

  • If you’re physically able and your trip is short, I highly suggest taking the stairs. Anytime my destination is between the 2nd and 4th floor, I always walk it. Why? According to LiveStrong.com: “The vigorous and continuous movement of your legs and hips results in deeper breathing and increases your heartbeat, which enhances blood flow to all areas of your body. Your body releases natural pain relievers, or endorphins, during a stair climb, so you’ll feel better and have less tension.” It’s something so effortless I honestly do it mindlessly now.
  • Source(s): http://www.livestrong.com/article/406328-what-are-the-health-benefits-of-climbing-stairs/
  1. Park further.

  • Once again, if you’re physically able and it’s safe, park a little further than you normally would. This allows you to get in a short walk while still being productive and going about your day. According to the Mayo Clinic, the benefits of walking (can) include: maintaining a healthy weight, prevention and/or management of certain health conditions (including those related to the heart), blood pressure, diabetes and more. Improve mood and even coordination.
  • Source(s) http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/fitness/in-depth/walking/art-20046261
  1. Exchange soda and juice for water.


  1. Focus on, and acknowledge unhealthy trends or habits.

  • I try to incorporate this more and more every day. What I mean by this is simple. It’s easy to focus on your strengths, positive traits, ect. Number 4 is challenging you to acknowledge things you need to do better. Think about something you’re not good at. For me, I try to work on accepting constructive criticism and sugar intake. – Neither of those have anything to do with the other. That’s what is good about number 4, this challenge can help you improve any and every aspect of your life.
  1. Eat the proper portions for you.

  • I wanted to make sure I personalized this one. I want to be 100% clear when I say this; I don’t mean to stop eating, or to eat a certain amount or serving size. I’m simply acknowledging that there are times where we (as people) get full, yet continue to eat. Just because you have extra/left over food on your plate does not mean you are obligated to eat it. Try to avoid overeating. Save extra/left overs for later, now you’ve not only saved yourself time but also saved money on another mean! BAM! Women’s Health Mag actually has an excellent article on 11 Strategies Nutritionist Use to Avoid Overeating, you can view that article by clicking here.

     6. Research

  • Another thing I am working on and really trying to improve for myself and my blog. Just pick something you’re interested in and passionate about and do your research. It never hurts to learn new things and expand your horizons.
  1. Keep a food journal.

  • I am working on this one myself and will be uploading a custom food journal PDF (download) within the next few weeks. When I do I will insert the link into this article. Until then, you can drop your email in a comment below and I will be sure to update you when it’s up! There are so many benefits of having a food journal/log, especially when you have IBD. This can be used as an awesome way to track which foods are bothersome to your digestive system or even can be used as a simple way to track carbs and calories. I’d definitely encourage this if you are taking part in an elimination diet. As you re-introduce certain foods into your diet, a food journal can be used as a good reference.
  1. Wake up 10-30 minutes earlier.

  • I know this sounds crazy. ESPECIALLY coming from me. I absolutely love to sleep; however, if you must start your day, you may as well start it on the right foot. Waking up slightly earlier in the morning allows for more time to get prepared for your day, mentally and physically. What you do in that time is 100% up to you, but I guarantee it will put you in a better mood. I have found that if I start my day on a positive note, I tend to keep that mood throughout my day, allowing time to pass that much faster at work.
  1. Stretching, Yoga and/or other exercises in the morning.

  • There are many benefits of exercising but it’s also an excellent way to jumpstart your day!
  1. Learn more about health and wellness.

  • You’ve made it to number 10! That shows you are truly invested in becoming a better person. By now we’ve learned that becoming a better person is so much more than just one thing or trait – It’s about improving your lifestyle, which is exactly what I’m learning. I am studying to become a Certified Health Coach while I finish my Business Management degree. I will take part in science based training to learn all about the microbiology of food, the science of supplementation , food allergies and intolerances and so much more. My training is designed help me improve my health and the health of others by learning / using four pillars: Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition.

  11.  Use Charity Miles Apps.

  • This is actually not a sponsor or affiliate of More Spoons, I just share this information with anyone who is (or plans on becoming) active. The Charity Miles app tracks your movement and will donate $0.25 for every mile you walk or run and $0.10 for for bikers (to the charity of your choosing). Download / learn more here.


As always, thanks for reading!

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