It Started With Tennis: How DripDrop is Getting People Back in the Game

It Started With Tennis: How DripDrop is Getting People Back in the Game

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I tell My Diagnosis Story pretty often. Whether I’m talking to a new physician, or another patient, it seems like My IBD is the topic at hand. What I haven’t discussed is where it all started: on the courts.

I started experiencing symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis pretty early on, around middle school, but high school is when things got bad. One of the first people to notice my swift decline was my Tennis coach. For the longest I never really felt like I belonged. I always felt like my friends were so different from me, even my family. As if everyone around me was in one world, and I was in my own. – That wasn’t the case with Tennis. The courts was the one place I felt normal, like I belonged.

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To be honest I wasn’t that great at Tennis. I mean, I did make the top 7 (out of 20-something girls) on the team. – We had to compete for our spots. – But, when it came to matches I would freeze up. My coach told my grandmother I would tire myself out (a lot faster than the other girls). Unbeknownst to me, I was suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease and severe Anemia on top of dealing with frequent dehydration; tired wasn’t the word for it. After Coach told my grandmother about his observations she decided to keep a closer eye on me which ultimately led to all of the emergency room trips and hospitalizations during my later high school years. I missed a lot of practices and even had to sit out a few matches dealing with My Condition as well as dehydration. Years ago I attempted to return to the courts, but it just didn’t work out. As a person living with IBD, it seems like I’m always battling dehydration.

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It started with Tennis: How DripDrop is Getting People Back in the Game

The other day, I decided to take DripDrop with me for a second attempt at returning to the sport I love! The first time I’ve been back in years. DripDrop is an Oral Rehydration Solution, or ORS. DripDrop works to treat and prevent dehydration. So how does it work?

DripDrop ORS works by leveraging the body’s most effective hydration mechanism: the Sodium Glucose Co-Transport System, where sodium and glucose trigger rapid water absorption in the small intestine.

The precise combination of three ingredients — salts, sugars and water – quickly reverses the symptoms of dehydration; through the process of osmosis, the salts and sugars actually pull water from the gut into the bloodstream. – Source.

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This actually wasn’t my first time trying to this product. When I worked full time in an office setting I kept this product (along with a few other goodies) in my desk. It was helpful. I specifically remember because this was the one product I wasn’t grossed out by the taste! I’m not sure if it’s because of My Digestive Disease, or just me being picky, but I honestly have always had a hard time downing certain liquids and drinks. Because it did so well preventing in-office dehydration, I thought a Summer activity like Tennis would be a great next step.

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It’s super hot here in North Carolina and it’s so easy get dehydrated. DripDrop is simple. Simply mix one packet with a bottle of water. *DripDrop is offered in different amounts.* One 10g size packet makes 8 ounces, or you can get the 21g size packet that makes 16.9 ounces of solution. You can consume it hot or cool. I chose the Berry Flavor and my water was a little warm because of the Summer heat. Still tasty and definitely a treat after a good practice session.

You can find DripDrop on Amazon, online or in store at Walgreens or directly on the DripDrop site.

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I’m excited to get back into Tennis with the help of DripDrop! Have you ever tried this tasty product? Let’s talk about it! Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow our new friends at DripDrop on Facebook and  on Instagram!


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