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I originally planned on sharing an Ostomy related post this week because I haven’t talked ostomy in so long. Unfortunately, my health took a slight turn and didn’t allow me to share such a thing! Lol. I did record a video on what’s been going on with me health wise, but first I decided to go through some of the content I’ve already created. Back in February I was inspired to record a video on Becoming A Patient Advocate. Over the years I’ve spoken with quite a few people (mostly on Instagram, but occasionally those who I know personally) who are interested in “becoming advocates.”

Contrary to what many may think, you don’t have to start a blog to become an advocate. You really don’t need an online presence at all. You can be an advocate simply by advocating for yourself. Taking a stand in your own healthcare. You can be an advocate by educating yourself on your condition and supporting others around you. Start a fundraiser! There are so many way you can make an impact in your community.

In this video I talk about everything from getting started, to small ways to make a difference and misconceptions about being an advocate. So who’s a good fit for advocacy? Anyone! Who’s not a good fit? Anyone! – With the wrong intentions. You shouldn’t come into something good with bad intentions. If you’re only looking for awards or acknowledgement, this isn’t the route for you. There are people who will share their story for the mentions or likes. People who look to others for confirmation and approval. – If you’re looking to make a real difference, start today! Just remember your why. Why are you doing it? If you reasoning doesn’t align with awareness, education or support, you may want to re-evaluate.

Remember, nothing in life is as “simple” as you may think. Everything in life takes hard work and effort. Advocacy is no different. It may look easy, but the people you follow online have put hours, months and even years into their craft. That one blog post you skimmed over may have taken months of research. That video you disliked took a day’s worth of energy and a week to edit. 

If after all of my blabbing you realize you have a passion for positive impacts, education, awareness and supporting others, and don’t mind a little work, YAY. I mention ways to start getting involved in the video above. You can also check out some of the organizations that support your condition for more things you can do in your community.