ThirdLove: The Best Bra Is One You Never Think About

ThirdLove: The Best Bra Is One You Never Think About

Guys! I am seriously writing you with the most enthusiasm I’ve ever brought to this blog. I cannot express in words how excited I am! I had the honor of partnering with ThirdLove. If you don’t know about ThirdLove, it’s a company that strongly believes every woman deserves to feel comfortable and confident. – And I couldn’t agree more.

Third Love Review

Working with ThirdLove is the absolute dream. From their body positive Instagram, to the diversity amongst their models on the site, ThirdLove is the absolute mirror of everything I believe. I am so so grateful to have this opportunity and so so thankful for ThirdLove’s generosity in providing me with one of their amazingggg bras!

I’ve always had a hard time finding a good bra and between my body growing so fast, surgeries, sickness, steroids, you name it… You can say my self esteem suffered quite a bit. I wish there were more brands like this around when I was growing up. Showing and embracing real women with real stories. Brands that make products for curvy girls, encouraging them to simply stay beautiful. Advertising real people of every shape and size living in their truth and being their authentic selves.

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