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Top Ostomy Products

Ostomies are becoming much more common now. I am in a few groups on Facebook for people with IBD and/or living with J-Pouches / Ostomies and speak with quite a few people going through a journey pretty similar to my own.

Because I’ve been asked a few times about this, I thought I’d share a post of my favorite Ostomy products! I’m no ostomy guru or anything but these are things that worked for me.

* Side Note* If you’re considering an ostomy or have a new Ostomy, you may find it beneficial to join support groups or reach out to bloggers / advocates. When I had my Ostomy I became overwhelmed with the amount of information online, from healthcare providers and insurance cos. It helps to learn from someone who’s experienced the lifestyle first hand. Also, they may be able to enlighten you on things you need that you may not have thought of.

Jumping into the topic at hand, when I had my first ostomy I didn’t know anything. I hadn’t ordered any supplies at all. My surgeon provided me with my first batch. After I did research I started requesting (free) product samples from different manufacturers like Coloplast and Hollister to name a few. I ordered a slew of different products from multiple companies but I wasn’t fond of a lot of things.

Top 4 Ostomy Products

As far as bags, I knew I did not want clear. The hospital sent me home with clear and I hated it. I could not stand seeing my stool all day, everyday. The first thing I did when narrowing down my results was choose the color.

I don’t like bags I can’t drain. – My Surgeon’s office had provided me with a few of those and while I am extremely grateful for everything they gave me, I just found those very inconvenient. I still had to work full time. I needed a bag that allowed me to dump-and-go.

I don’t like one pieces. – I found that with myself and my lifestyle, it just wasn’t a good fit.

I LOVE Hollister. – I found that compared to other manufacturers, Hollister’s products were great quality and very secure.

*Side Note* You can click on the item name to get more information via the product website, however I do advise: for the actual purchase of the items (other than #5), you may want to go through your Specialty Pharmacy with your insurance company.

1. New Image Two-Piece Drainable Mini Ostomy Pouch – Lock ‘n Roll Microseal Closure, Filter

– Omg! I love this product! Once I tested this one out, I never ordered a different type. Seriously, it’s so simple. The bag snaps on to the wafer easily, having the ability to drain the pouch was awesome, the lock and roll made me feel like everything was secure, less room for error/malfunction. If you look at the back you will also see the loops, this is for the next product on my list…

2. Adapt Ostomy Belt

I wore this thing almost everyday!!! It is LIFE. Having the belt for my bag made me feel so much more secure and confident, especially when participating in activities that involved a lot of movement.

3. BeMaternity® by Ingrid & Isabel® – BeBand

This band is technically for pregnant women, however, I still use it to this day. I first purchased the product when I had my ostomy. I read about it on some forum online. It’s kind of expensive for what it is, around $14-$18 but the quality is amazing and it lasts years. I used this over my belly when I wanted to wear more form fitting shirts and dresses or when I just wanted a little more security for my bag.

4. Hollister Universal Adhesive Remover, Wipes – Box of 50

So I’m not sure if this is the exact version of the adhesive remover I used at the time but just having something to easy to pull from the skin is very helpful and soothing.

Hope this helps! As always, thanks for reading. Before you go:

What’s your favorite ostomy product? Let me know in the comments!