I’m super excited to share with you guys what I’ve been working so hard on lately. I’ve always been super passionate about working online, starting brands, social media marketing, freelance, ect. I’ve always been the one people run to for help with WordPress, setting up Facebook business pages, search engine optimization and more. Although Chronically Strong is not a huge platform, I’ve been blessed with opportunities to work with pretty large / amazing brands like Shea Moisture, Healthline, Healthcentral and more!

While I love Chronically Strong so so much, I never imagined it being what it is today. It’s become my passion project. My baby! – As far as my condition goes, I post on my blog a lot about IBD and living with an autoimmune disease. I love raising awareness, but this was never intended to be the “face of chronic illness” or IBD. I’m not ashamed of my condition and I’m so grateful for the opportunities, friendships and lessons it’s brought me. That will always be a part of my story and forever have a home on my blog. – But, IBD is not me. It’s not who I am or something I ever planned on making tons of money from as an advocate or blogger. – And I haven’t by the way. – Anyone who knows me, knows I hate being seen as someone who is limited or can’t do as much as the next. Although often times, because of my condition, that is the case. I’ve always shared other things I am passionate about on every single one of my platforms. I’ve shared things like travel, culture related posts, or just lifestyle in general . The video above explains more on how I feel about uWork and also building “my brand” and Chronically Strong, ect. It probably explains it better than I could by typing out a long explanation that will probably be misunderstood anyway.

The video below is more of an introduction, from the platform, for the platform. If branding, business, social media and digital marketing are things of interest to you, I highly encourage you to consider subscribing! Click here.

uWork Online is a platform designed to give entrepreneurs and online workers the tools you need to succeed. From supplemental income tips, freelance hacks or just business talks in general, you can find it here. No get rich quick schemes. No paying for products you don’t really need. Just real, honest brand building. ** New uWork Instagram! Stay in touch and get tips and advice straight to your feed! ** https://www.instagram.com/uwork During this initial launch period, I will be releasing a NEW video every single day at 5PM (EST). After you get off of work, investing your time and energy into someone else’s dream, how about spending a few minutes on your own? Drop by uWork Online! Subscribe and hit the notification bell so you don’t miss it! My Story: I launched my first blog in 2014, since I have worked with brands like Shea Moisture, Healthline and Pampers. – To name a few. My brand is still small which means: 1) It is possible to make a profit starting out / being a small creator. 2) I am able to offer you realistic tips and advice. Reality for the everyday hustler.

I really appreciate everyone’s support in the launch of uWork. I’ve been working extremely hard on this project, along with a few other exciting things coming soon. xxx