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Advocating for what's right

We are the change we seek.

Advocating for what's right

I saw this quote on Gaylyn’s Instagram and it really hit home. I remember being so sick. My doctor had just recommended surgery after I tried so many medications without ever achieving remission. I felt hopeless. I didn’t understand why I, of all people, had to go through this. Why my body couldn’t just do what it was supposed to do.

After hours and hours of research I’d ultimately accomplished nothing. I felt like it was a total waste of time and questioned my decision to have surgery at all. When I’d finally found a first hand perspective on my particular surgeries, everything was negative. People talked about regretting their decisions, how bad their quality of life was, ect. ect. I was devastated.

Going back even further than that, when I was first diagnosed I knew no one with my condition. As ignorant as it sounds, I didn’t even know black people got IBD. Even after I was diagnosed I didn’t see anyone who looked like me living with it. I felt alone.

Purple hearts and ribbons aren’t enough. We have to do more. If you see a gap in the community, you can’t wait for someone else to fill it. Do it yourself. Do it now.

― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

creating change

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