4 Work From Home Jobs | For The Chronically Ill

4 Work From Home Jobs | For The Chronically Ill

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Virtual Jobs for Sick / Spoonies

Being a spoonie is hard. You often run into issues you never expected, never prepared for.. Especially if you were recently diagnosed – You just started your journey so how could you possibly know what to prepare for?
Well a huge thing to think about: jobs.

Depending on what illness you have this may or may not be an issue for you. If you’re living with IBD like myself, it may be a little more difficult to find a job that you’re comfortable with. Here’s a few options for any spoonie to consider.


1) Medical Coding – I am actually in school for this right now. I don’t believe you are required to take a class for it, however, if you do it takes a year off of your two year apprenticeship. I know what you’re thinking, I’m a spoonie, why would I possibly want to spend more time in the hospital? Right? Wrong. This field actually gives pretty good flexibility and has a good bit of at home jobs.

2) Uber – Another one that I’m familiar with. So if you haven’t heard of Uber it’s basically just a taxi service in a sense. You must have a 4 door car – it can’t be old. Must be registered of course. Must be 18 or older. So yeah, Uber is a good option if you just need a little extra cash or really want to work for yourself. You can work for Uber extremely fast too! Just provide all the documentation they require and star driving the same day! I’ve done it a bit and it’s been very laid back. No issues yet.
– If you can’t drive for Uber yourself you can add a driver to your account and have someone do the work for you. – Get your portion of the profit and BOOM!

3) Blogging – Yes, that’s right. Blogging. Or writing rather. There are many forums and websites that give information and lists on websites that will pay you to blog for them. Just find your niche and get started!

4) Arise – Ok, not just Arise but many “Work from Home” companies offer tons of opportunities perfect for spoonies! If you find that you have social anxiety or maybe just lack the desire to work around large groups of people.. Or even working with people face-to-face in general, then this may be something for you. Google “work from home” or “telecommute” – warning: many of these positions are call centers. Many pay-per-minute (talk time). – But many people turn these opportunities into full time careers.

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